Northern Advocacy Organization aims to identify, understand and offer solutions to the very many challenges of the people of Northern Kenya. It has so far taken the lead to find solution to the dire situation in the education sector in Northern Kenya.

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We have invited Kenyans from many different counties – Nairobi, Vihiga, Muranga, Kisumu, Nyeri, Laikipia, Kajiado, Mandera, Garissa, Kwale, Makueni among others –to Garissa County to foster peace, love and unity among Kenyans to stand together as ONE NATION despite the constant terror acts that is aimed at dividing Kenyans along ethnic and religious lines.


In line with our objectives of mentoring and career guidance, we visited several schools. We were saddened by the dire state of affairs. Teaching has been paralyzed in almost all schools. The students and the pupils have been without teachers for two terms. They have not covered the syllabus. Class eight and form four students are most disadvantaged for they have to compete against other Kenyans who are privileged to have covered syllabus and got full time guidance and preparation for exams by their teachers.


We met with parliamentary security committee who visited Garissa University College after our five day peace campaign. We organized a meeting between them and the staff of the university who were present when the terrorist attack happened. The security committee was briefed about what transpired and the security lapses that led to death of the 147 students. The county commissioner, The AP commandant, the police boss, the KDF boss
and other members of the county security team accompanied the parliamentary security team.


The closure of Garissa University has been the impetus to the mass desertion of duty by teachers in primary and secondary schools citing insecurity after the numerous Al- Shaabab attacks. We have organized, together with Africa Queen of Hearts, a five (5) day peace conference in Garissa. We have camped at Garissa University and spent 5 nights in the same dormitories where students were massacred as a show of solidarity with them and as a protest against terrorists. We ate from their dining hall, sat on their benches, showered in
their bathrooms and played soccer on their pitch. We spent a whole day at Elgon Hall where
80% of the students died. There were prayer sessions from both Muslims and Christians for
both the deceased and the bereaved. We sang the nation anthem in many local languages
of Kenyans to express our unity. The unbreakable spirit of Kenyans was clearly manifested.
Projects by region
Look, these are a few of the areas we have covered in the quest to achieve our mission
Garissa University
HE governor of Garissa county Nadhif Jamaa and leader of majority Aden Dualle closely following the proceedings at first anniversary of Garissa University.
Eastleigh safer cities programme
Members of the public following closely the event of Eastleigh safer cities programme by Northern Advocacy organization in conjunction with UN Habitat at Eastleigh high school, Nairobi.  
Mentorship and Career Guidance Program
Chairman of Northern Advocacy organization addressing students of NEP Girls secondary school in Garissa during mentorship and career guidance program



We adhere to respect the values and cultures of all our stakeholders whose  participation in our decision making process is of high importance.


We behave in compliance with Northern Advocacy Organization’s mission, being honest and transparent in our activities.


We participate in our activities with a commitment not prompted in any manner by desire for gain.


We always remain accountable to our stakeholders by giving appropriate and timely feedback and transparent in our activities.


We collectively serve the community by being effective and efficient in our  activities within the framework of the three broad areas of program focus, the main objectives of Northern Advocacy operational undertakings include the following;

our mission

To Identify, understand and offer solutions to the unique problems of Northern Kenya. Northern Advocacy aims to mentor, guide and empower the youth. It seeks to support and complement the initiatives of the government in providing quality education and Legal aid as well as working with security agencies towards sustainable peace through peace fostering forums, community integration and de-radicalization campaigns.

  • To provide career Guidance and mentorship programs in schools and learning institutions
  • To provide Free legal services to the target communities
  • To support youths and Women in enhancing their social-Economic status.
  • Create Civil and basic human rights awareness and helping to raise public awareness on issues relevant to the community.
  • To apply to any governments or authority, public bodies, corporations, companies or persons for and to accept grants or gifts of money and of any moveable or immovable property, donations, gifts subscriptions and other assistance with a view to promoting the objects of the Organization and, in taking of any gift or property to take the same subject to any special trust which may be prescribed by the donor thereof;
  • Provide alternative social economic and legal policies to the communities
  • Carry out research and Survey for policy formulations.
  • To assist in identifying assets, needs, opportunities, rights and responsibilities of the concern communities.
  • Undertake field research, formulate policy alternative, and disseminate timely relevant information to government and non – governmental policy makers – at local, national and international levels – aimed at the containment and cessation of the scope and scale of conflict and resolution of its underlying cause;
  • Create trust and peaceful co- existing among communities


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