The legal empowerment is about grassroots justice-about ensuring that law is not confined to books or courtrooms, but rather is available and meaningful to ordinary people.

It is aimed at ensuring that citizens get involved in the economic development of the country by being empowered on their legal rights. Activities organized to achieve the Legal Aid and Empowerment Program often combine a small corps of lawyers with a larger frontline of law students and community members who are conversant with the law and the workings of government and who use mediation, organizing, legal education, and advocacy to assist citizens in finding concrete solutions to instances of injustice.

This approach is intended to ensure there is involvement of members of the community hence achieving maximum benefit for the target group. The objective of Capacity building and legal empowerment is to;

  • Enhancing the capacity of individuals to self-representation in litigation by doing training on the trial and legal process in general.
  • To enhance access to justice by the poor and marginalized in the
    communities living in Northern Kenya.
  • To engage in advocacy campaigns on issues that affect members and the
    community at large.
  • Building capacity on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in order to ensure that traditional/customary justice system is utilized.